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Un Canadien Errant (Canadian Trad.) Sheet music for Clarinet


About ‘Un Canadien Errant (Canadian Trad.)’

Trad. (biography)
The Artist:
Traditional Music of unknown author.
Composition Date:
Composition Info: LYRICS:
Un Canadien errant,
Banni de ses foyers,
Parcourait en pleurant
Des pays étrangers.

Un jour, triste et pensif,
Assis au bord des flots,
Au courant fugitif
Il adressa ces mots:

“Si tu vois mon pays,
Mon pays malheureux,
Va, dis à mes amis
Que je me souviens d’eux.

“Ô jours si pleins d’appas
Vous êtes disparus,
Et ma patrie, hélas!
Je ne la verrai plus!

“Non, mais en expirant,
Ô mon cher Canada!
Mon regard languissant
Vers toi se portera…”

A wandering ‘Canadien’
Banished from his homeland
Travelled, weeping,
through foreign lands.

One day, sad and thoughtful,
Seated on the river’s bank
To the fleeing current
He spoke these words:

“If you should see my home
My sad unhappy land
Go, say to all my friends
That I remember them

“O days once so full of charm
You are all gone away
And my homeland, alas!
I’ll not see her again

“No, but with my last breath
O my dear Canada!
My sad gaze
Will go to you.”

Score Key Bb major (Sounding Pitch)
major (Clarinet in Bb)
Time Signature 3/4
Range F5-G6
Tempo Marking q=90 Andante, gentle swing
Duration 2:16
Number of Pages 2
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